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Welcome to American Legion Post 63 in Burlington NC.

We are men and women who are active duty military or have served honorably in the military.

We, like all American Legion (www.legion.org) members, are volunteers who serve with a commitment to support our fellow service members and veterans, mentor youth, sponsor programs for the betterment of our community and our veterans, and advocate patriotism, honor, and national security.

Our Post family consists of our Post members, our Auxiliary Unit 63 members (http://www.alaforveterans.org) and can also be found on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ala63nc/), and our Sons of the American Legion (SAL) Squadron 63 (http://www.legion.org/sons) members.  All of our Post, Auxiliary and SAL members volunteer their time in various activities toward the goals mentioned above.

We have recently added a Facebook page which talks about all Post Auxiliary and SAL activities.  You can visit our page by clicking on the following url:  https://www.facebook.com/people/Walter-B-Ellis-Post-63-American-Legion/100089859880988/

Our Veteran’s and Community programs and activities include:  Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day programs.  When possible we  also provide monetary donations to various Veteran’s groups, charities in Alamance County, and food donations to the local food banks.

Our Post was first established in 1925, and is named after Walter B. Ellis, who was the first soldier killed in WWI from Alamance County, NC.


Born: 23 May 1890

Died: 29 September 1918

Walter was born in Franklin County, Virginia and after his family moved to Alamance County, NC he went to work in the weave room in Glencoe textile mill.  He started as a filling hauler carrying filling to weavers and returning empty quills to the spinning room.  He learned to weave and by the time he was 20 years old he was fixing looms. 

In his spare time he acquired a fondness for firearms and became a crack shot with a rifle.

In order to pursue his shooting hobby in 1917 he joined the National Guard to have fun at target practice and get paid for it. He was deployed to the US/Mexican border during the Border War with Mexico and shortly after coming home when war was declared on Germany his unit was called up during mobilization day. They were sent to Camp Sevier, SC where they were combined with units from SC and TN to form the 30th Division.  In May 1918 the 129th Infantry of the 30th Division sailed to England and were given additional training before sent to engage the Germans.  For the next two months his unit saw plenty of action.  Then on 29th of September 1918 Company I was scheduled to attack the Hindenburg Line starting at 5:50 am.  Approximately an hour later the company was well within the enemy lines and pinned to the ground by machine gun fire and artillery fire.  Sgt. Ellis was wounded in the neck by a high explosive shell splinter and although other soldiers gave all the first aid humanly possible the wound was fatal. 

Col. Wm. V. Copeland then a first lieutenant was with Sgt. Ellis when he died.  He described him as “Our calm, courageous leader and molder of men died as he had lived:  facing the enemy as he had faced all the obstacles of life –a soldier among soldiers and a man among men.”

Sgt. Ellis was the first casualty from this area in WWI and our Legion Post 63 is named in his memory.

Our Post Home (pictured above) is located at 2488 Moran St. Burlington, NC 27215.  In addition to our main building, the grounds also feature off street parking for about 30 cars, and a pavilion.

Our Post Home is our base.  It is here that we hold our monthly Post, Auxiliary Unit and SAL member’s meetings, and here that we hold our functions such as our Officer Installation and Pot Luck dinners.  It is also here that we hold our fund raising functions such as our weekly Tuesday night Bingo.

We are always seeking and welcoming new members to our Post family.  If you are interested in learning more about the rewards and benefits of becoming a member of Post 63, Auxiliary Unit 63, or SAL Squadron 63 please contact us using the contact us page on this website, call 336-226-9237, or email: info@legionpost63burlingtonnc.com

We are very proud of our Post home and include the following to introduce you to it.


Entrance Foyer

Lounge 1


Lounge and Kitchen

Our lounge has a full bar and is manned Monday through Friday 12:00 noon to 5 PM.  The kitchen serves lunch Monday through Friday from 12:00 to 2 PM.  There are occasional Friday night dinners that are hosted by our membership.  We welcome all veterans and their families to visit us and enjoy a beverage and/or lunch and the fellowship of other veterans.


Social Hall

Our social hall is where our membership meetings, Bingo and most other functions take place.



Our pavilion is in the rear of our building and as you can see, near our wooded area.  It’s a nicely built structure with a concrete floor and a very sturdy roof.  We are planning on putting in a BBQ pit, but haven’t gotten there yet.