Upcoming Events



Not much new to report.  The lockdowns due to COVID-19 are still in effect, and many seniors are unwilling to go to outside venues for entertainment.  Our attendance at Bingo is holding in the 30s.

Participation in the Lounge has also been light, but some of our members are getting out and taking the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of other members.


The sound absorbing panels are now completed and installed.  There are 31 in all and the sound in the main hall is noticeably better.

 Our Bingo games are doing very well.  Our attendance has been in the high 30s and everyone seems to be having a great time.

The latest relaxation of restrictions have allowed us to have membership meetings again, and to open our Lounge for membership attendance.  Our first meeting in months will be October 7. 

We have decided to open from Wednesday through Saturday from 1 to 5 PM.  Our drinks will be on donation only, and we will not serve food, except some snacks.

We have also started our “Buddy Check Program” again.  This is a program where we call all of our members just to find out how they are doing.  Similar to when we were in the service we would always look out for our buddy.  Quite a bit more extensive now that we have more members, but also very nice to talk to our members and see how they are doing. 


The Governor is putting North Carolina on Phase 3 starting Friday, and we have heard from our Bingo vendor that we are now allowed to have Bingo.
Bingo will begin on Tuesday (October 6)
Our schedule is:  Doors Open at 5 PM
                               Early Bird Games start at 6 PM
                               Regular Games start about 7 PM
For the safety of all persons in the room we will be taking the following precautions:
1.  Our Tables have been moved to accomplish “Social Distancing”.  Please do not move the tables.  However, families may add chairs to tables so they can sit together.
2.  We will be taking everyone’s temperature as they enter.  Persons with temperatures above 100.4 will be asked to go home.
3.  We ask that everyone wear a mask at all times.
The snack bar will be open, however there will be no prepared food.  Only drinks and packaged food (i.e. chips) will be sold.
The sound absorbing panels are now completed and installed.  There are 31 in all and the sound in the main hall is noticeably better.

We drew the raffle ticket for the grill during our September 2nd board meeting. The winning ticket number is #1147. The name on the ticket is Ledley S.  Ledley happens to be the brother in law of Donnie so Donnie will contact him and figure out how to get it to his home in Tennessee.


One of our handy Post members has been at work making sound absorbing panels for our main meeting hall.  He has mounted 10 panels on the wall, and plans to make and mount several more.  We’re hoping this will reduce the echo and make it much easier to hear at meetings and other events.

One of our home town youths (Jameson Hodges) wanted to do a good deed for our veterans in town, and he decided that he wanted to plant a tree in their honor.  It was decided that the best place to do that was on our Post home grounds, where many veterans could enjoy it rather than just one veteran.  Jameson and his family and several Post members met on the 8th at the Post and we had a tree planting, as well as a small ceremony afterward where Commander Beckley presented a certificate to Jameson and refreshments were enjoyed by all.


Jameson and his Dad and Mom digging the hole



Commander Beckley presents a certificate to Jameson


Our Memorial day ceremonies have all been cancelled, however several Post members still put flags at the headstones of Veterans in the North Lawn Cemetery and the Pine Hill Cemetery.

North L 1

Rodney, Dave, Larry and Robert at North Lawn Cemetery

North L3

Rodney, Larry, Dave and Robert just after putting flags at North Lawn Veterans headstones.

Pine H2

Pine Hill cemetery

Pine H1

Rodney, Chuck, Dave, and Flint Bagley after setting flags for Veterans at Pine Hill Cemetery

Walter Ellis

Walter B. Ellis’ head stone in Pine Hill cemetery.  The headstone has been cleaned by                                             .

On Tuesday several of us returned to the cemeteries to remove the flags.


Because of the Corona Virus, we are closed as of 18 March, for the rest of March.  We will update this website as circumstances permit.

We have decided to hold another raffle.  This time we will be raffling a four burner 36″ Blackstone Griddle.  The tickets will be $5.00 each.  We will only print 500 tickets, and the drawing will be during our June meeting.

Here’s a picture of the griddle:

Blackstone Grill copy

January, 2020

We held the Raffle drawing during our January meeting.

The winner was Rick M. a local business man and Post supporter in Alamance county.  Thanks for your participation Rick.  We hope you really enjoy your new riffle.

Also, during the meeting we noted that over a hundred new members had been transferred to our Post out of the state wide electronic Post 1981.  We will be contacting them very soon and welcoming them to our Post.