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Because of the Corona Virus, we are closed as of 18 March, for the rest of March.  We will update this website as circumstances permit.

We have decided to hold another raffle.  This time we will be raffling a four burner 36″ Blackstone Griddle.  The tickets will be $5.00 each.  We will only print 500 tickets, and the drawing will be during our June meeting.

Here’s a picture of the griddle:

Blackstone Grill copy


We held the Raffle drawing during our January meeting.

The winner was Rick M. a local business man and Post supporter in Alamance county.  Thanks for your participation Rick.  We hope you really enjoy your new riffle.

Also, during the meeting we noted that over a hundred new members had been transferred to our Post out of the state wide electronic Post 1981.  We will be contacting them very soon and welcoming them to our Post.


Christ dinner

Christ dinner1

Pictures of the Christmas Dinner

We are planning a Pot Luck Dinner Christmas Party for December 21.  Dinner will be at 5:30.  All Post Auxiliary and SAL members and their families are invited to attend.


We have decided to hold a raffle which will help with some very large bills that are coming due early next year.  We will be raffling a replica “Kentucky Long Rifle” black powder 50 caliber, flint lock rifle.   We are only printing 300 tickets, so you have a very good chance of winning.  Come in and buy a ticket anytime we are open.


The Flint Lock Kentucky Long Riffle

The Veteran’s Parade in Graham was a very nice parade and was followed by an after noon festival that included several bands, and vendors and food trucks.  There was also a booth providing free hotdogs for all Veterans.  We set up a tent and several members of the Post and Auxiliary used the time to talk to perspective new members.

Vets parade2019a

Here we are ready for the  parade to start

Vets parade2019b

Vets parade2019c

Vets parade2019d

Commander Beckley and Auxiliary President Atkison man the booth during the festival.


During our November meeting the Girl’s softball teams presented the post with plaques that we will display in our foyer, thanking us for our support during their season



The lady’s Beta Sigma Pi sorority provided a very nice lasagna dinner for all Post members in attendance at the November meeting.   Below are a couple pictures of the dinner.

Sorority dinner 2019a

Sorority dinner 2019b


The Post was asked by Walmart on Garden Rd. to provide a Color Guard during their Grand Re-Opening ceremony.  We were able to do that even though it was very short notice.  They were very appreciative and awarded us a nice check which will greatly help out with our expenses.


The color guard during the singing of the National Anthem

Flags for first Graders is in full swing.  The team has started presentations for the 27 elementary schools in Alamance county.  Although this is a Forty and Eight program, many Post members belong to both organizations, and Post members who are not Forty and Eight members are also welcome.

Garrett Audrey West-1 11-12-2019

Richard Johnson, Rodney Smith and Lou Popowsky at the Garrett Audrey West Elementary School.

Garrett Audrey West-2 11-12-2019

Richard Johnson and Rodney Smith hand out flags to the first graders at the Garrett Audrey West Elementary School

Sylvan School-6 11-7-2019

Ron Namest, Tom Byrne, Heather Flores, Rodney Smith and Ron Allred at the Sylvan Elementary School

Alamance Christian - 5 10-2-2019

Tony Carter and Rodney Smith fold the flag while two students from the Alamance Christian school assist.


Our Lounge is now re-opened.  We are serving our full menu and the bar  is open noon to 5 PM Monday through Friday and 11 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays.  We will occasionally have Friday night dinners, but they will no longer be on a regularly scheduled basis.  All veterans and their families are welcome to visit us and enjoy a beverage and/or lunch, and the fellowship other veterans.

September 1

Starting in September we have temporarily closed our Lounge (kitchen and bar) while we re-organize that segment of our Post.  We hope to re-open at least the Bar in October.  All of our other activities including Bingo on Tuesdays,  Post, Auxiliary, and SAL meetings and their activities are continuing as in the past.

The girl’s softball was a great success.  Both teams went to the play-offs.  The Junior’s got eliminated in their first round, but the Seniors were in the competition until the last game and ended placing second in all of North Carolina.  In addition, the Juniors placed five girls on the All Star team and the Seniors placed three girls on their All Star team.

The Senior team will receive a plaque for their performance which will be displayed at the Post.

Girl's Junior Team

The Junior Team

Girl's Senior Team

The Senior Team

Junior team all stars

The Junior Team All Stars

Seniors 2019 All Stars

July 4, 2019

On July 4th the Post held a picnic in the pavilion.  The Post provided hot dogs, hamburgers, and soft drinks.  It was very well attended by the Post membership, the Auxiliary and the SAL.   Members brought lots of home made salads, and deserts.  The weather even cooperated and although it was hot, it didn’t rain on us.





July 3, 2019

At the July meeting the SAL announced that they had sold all the tickets for the coin set and pulled the winning ticket.  Linda J. was the winner.


Lloyd (SAL Squadron Commander) presents the coin set to Linda after the raffle.

June 21, 2019

Friday night Post 63 held it’s FY 2020 new officer swearing in ceremony.

Mark Erskine – Past Department of NC Vice Commander, Candidate for Department Commander, and member of Fayetteville Post 230 performed the ceremony.

We really appreciate Mark and his wife traveling up here from Fayettville just to perform our ceremony for us.

Commander Beckley gave a very short talk about this year’s Post 63 activities, and again asked for more help from our membership in our Post’s activities.  One of the activities Dave is especially proud of is our increase in membership for the second year in a row.  We ended up with 232 members this year.  Next year we are hoping for 233 members to finish out the year.

The following are some of the pictures of the swearing in ceremony:

Officer Swearing In

Officer Swearing In

New Officers

Dave Beckley, Rodney Smith, Chuck Ganto, Dave VanWormer, Donnie Williams, Mark Erskine, Richard Johnson, Ron Allred, Lou Popowsky, Tom Byrnes, Lloyd Dosser.


The Commanders

Mark Erskine and his wife,  Dave Beckley and his wife

The following are the officers for Fiscal 2020 which starts in July.  Friday June 21, after dinner, will be the swearing in ceremony.

  • Commander              Dave Beckley
  • 1st Vice Comm.        Rodney Smith
  • 2nd Vice Comm.       Lee Drake
  • Adjutant                    Chuck Gantos
  • Finance                      Dave VanWormer
  • Chaplain                    Robert Hubbard
  • Sgt. at Arms              Donnie Williams
  • Svc Officer                 Ron Allred
  • Judge Advocate        Kathleen Yax
  • Historian                    Lou Popowsky
  • 1st Director               Richard Johnson
  • 2nd Director              Jim Mayfield
  • 3rd Director               Tom Burns

Also during the June meeting the SAL announced that they would have a raffle to benefit the Post.  The SAL is raffling a U.S. Mint 3 coin set commemorating the 100th anniversary of the American Legion.  Tickets are only being sold to Post members, and the SAL is only selling enough tickets to pay for the coin set.

In April the Post voted to sponsor two girl’s softball teams in the NC American Legion League.   Alamance County Girl’s Fast Pitch softball Juniors and Seniors.  The home games are usually on Monday and Thursday evenings.  The Post provides a Color Guard to present the American Flag for the playing of the National Anthem before the game starts.

Color guard at girl's softball

Rodney, Ron and Dave present the colors at the first game.

Memorial Day

Memorial day weekend we traditionally place flags at the headstones of fallen veterans in the Pine Hill and North Lawn cemeteries. This year we were asked and also placed flags in the Alamance Memorial Gardens cemetery.   For the most part we do all of the flag placements ourselves, except in North Lawn cemetery, we have help from the boys at the Larry Leath Home for Boys.

Here are some pictures from the flag placements in North Lawn and Pine Hill cemeteries.


North Lawn Cemetery the upper Veteran’s section


Larry Leath’s Boys Home helpers at the flag pole at the lower veteran’s section.


Post Members at North Lawn Cemetery


Post members at the Pine Hill Cemetery.  With the obelisk erected to commemorate our fallen veterans


The Veteran’s section of Pine Hill Cemetery


The Walter B. Ellis Obelisk at Pine Hill Cemetery


Commander Beckley is bringing the U.S. flag to half mast after we placed the flags

We also participated in the Alamance County Memorial Day ceremony.  This ceremony took place at the Memorial wall in Graham, NC which is the county seat of Alamance County.  Vice Commander Rodney Smith placed a wreath for the Post and President Karen Atkinson placed a wreath for the Auxiliary.

Memorial Wall

Beautiful weather for Memorial Day 2019


Rodney and Karen wait their turn to place the wreaths


Rodney and Karen place their wreaths at the wall


The wall after all the wreaths were placed

18 May the Lounge began a Horse Shoe tournament that turned into a League.  Tom Byrne had built two regulation size pit sets on the side of the Post near the Patio. They started with 12 teams.  The first shoe was tossed around 2 PM, and it took several hours for all the teams to compete.

Here are some photos taken on the first day.


The Horse Shoe Pits


A serious bunch of competitors assembled before the start




Jim Mayfield                                          Tom Byrne


Fay Keiser, Chuck Gantos in the background and                           on the right.




Ron Allred                                       Donnie Williams



At our May 1st meeting we held elections.  As usual there were no nominations from the floor, other than those who had been nominated by the committee.  The slate was elected by acclamation.

The following are the officers for Fiscal 2020 which starts in July.  Friday June 21, after dinner, will be the swearing in ceremony.

  • Commander              Dave Beckley
  • 1st Vice Comm.        Rodney Smith
  • 2nd Vice Comm.       Lee Drake
  • Adjutant                    Chuck Gantos
  • Finance                      Dave VanWormer
  • Chaplain                    Robert Hubbard
  • Sgt. at Arms              Donnie Williams
  • Svc Officer                 Ron Allred
  • Judge Advocate        Kathleen Yax
  • Historian                    Lou Popowsky
  • 1st Director               Richard Johnson
  • 2nd Director              Jim Mayfield
  • 3rd Director               Tom Byrne

Also at our our May 1st meeting First Vice Commander Rodney Smith, handed out Certificates of Appreciation to all the participants in the Flags for First Graders Program.  Not everyone was at the meeting, but the following were all named and thanked by Rodney:  Richard and Imogene Johnson, Ron Allred, Ron Namest, Robert Hubbard, Tony Carter,  Kathleen Yax, Carl Sichi, Jerry Shannon, Frank Sullivan and Heather Flores.  The program visited 27 elementary schools in Alamance County and gave out over 2100 flags to the first graders that attended the presentations.


Flags for First Graders is part of our Americanism program, in which we teach our young citizens about our country.  We started the Presentations on January 25 and completed all 27 Elementary Schools in Alamance County on April 17th.  This included both public and private schools.  During the presentation we provide a short history of our flag, the meaning of the pledge of allegiance, we demonstrate how to correctly fold the flag and the meaning of each fold.  In addition, a poem “Freedom Is Not Free” is read and at the end of the program we give the teachers a copy of the program script and each teacher and student receives a small American flag to keep.  Funding for the program is provided by the following veteran organizations; Forty and Eight Veterans Honor Society 1237 Burlington, American Legion Post 63 Burlington, American Legion Post 95 Mebane, VFW Post 2972 Gibsonville, VFW Post 1920 Mebane, VFW Post 10607 Burlington, and DAV Chapter 4 Burlington.  Organization and presenters of the program are provided by the American Legion Post 63 and the Forty and Eight Veterans Honor Society 1237.

The following are pictures of three of the presentations.

Haw River - Robert Hubbard, Carolyn Allred, Ron Allred, Rodney Smith, Richard Johnson

Haw River – Robert Hubbard, Carolyn Allred, Ron Allred, Rodney Smith, Richard Johnson.

Highland - Ron Namest, Rodney Smith, Heather Flores, Ron Allred, Carolyn Allred

Highland – Ron Namest, Rodney Smith, Heather Flores, Ron Allred, Carolyn Allred

Eastlawn - Tony Carter, Gene Johnson, Carolyn Allred, Richard Johnson, Rondey Smith, Ron Allred

Eastlawn – Tony Carter, Gene Johnson, Carolyn Allred, Richard Johnson, Rodney Smith, Ron Allred

We held our drawing for the raffle on 6 March.  We sold about 440 of the 600 tickets, so we didn’t make as much money as we hoped, but it still made a big contribution toward our upcoming expenses.  Lee, our Lounge Manager, announced that the Lounge will make up the difference.

The winner of the Grill is Chuck G., the son of our Post Adjutant.   Chuck was not present to receive the grill, but his father was.

January 2019

We have decided to raffle a 36” Gas Grill, by Blackstone.  The raffle will be drawn March 6th.

We are also installing a wall and doors to allow us to secure our new Bingo machine


December 2018

We held our Christmas Pot Luck Dinner the Friday before Christmas.  Here are some pictures.





November 28, 29

1st Vice Commander Rodney Smith had been working on a grant, to help us renovate our building, from Home Depot for several months.  The grant finally was approved that would provide for new light fixtures in the Lounge, Kitchen,  and hallway, new ceiling tiles in the dropped ceilings of those rooms, new LED light bulbs for the lights in the main hall and paint for the main hall ceiling.  In addition, Home Depot volunteers will help us do some of the work.  We started a couple days early by preparing the long cracks in the ceiling and replacing most of the light fixtures in the Lounge, kitchen and hallway.  By Wednesday the 28th we were ready to prime and paint the borders of the ceiling in the main hall and start replacing the ceiling tiles in the other rooms.  On Thursday the 29th a large crew from Home Depot came over to help and we had people working everywhere in the Post.  The ceiling got it’s paint job and it looks wonderful and makes the whole rooms look new and fresh and best of all clean.  The fixtures were completed on Thursday, but the new tiles in the other rooms took several more days.  All in all, the new tiles and fixtures have really made the entire building look almost new.

We are completely done with our first phase of our renovation.  The money and man power help given to us by Home Depot is greatly appreciated and our building is much nicer because of it.

hoyas team photo

Post member Tony Carter requested that we sponsor his junior basketball team, the Hoyas.  The Post members voted unanimously to provide the funds necessary for them to buy uniforms.  Above is a team picture.

Ron Namest (40 & 8 Commander) announced that they had donated funds to the Alamance County Community College.

Bingo has been doing very well this year and has been making money, so the Bingo committee has decided to donate money to the Alamance county War Memorial Committee, and The Salvation Army of Alamance County.  The Bingo committee also decided to buy a new Bingo machine.

salvation army donation 1

Commander Beckley and Chuck Gantos (Bingo Chairman) present a check to Derrick Smith the Salvation Army local Commander and Christi Thomas and Gail Thomas.

10 November

Post, Auxiliary and SAL members participated in the Graham NC Veteran’s Day Parade.  There were over 115 parade entrants including marching bands from several high schools in and around Graham and veterans groups throughout Alamance County.  Of note was the float just behind our trailer that commemorated the Alamance County War Memorial.

The weather was sunny but chilly and windy so we all were bundled up.  The weather contributed to the relatively light crowds throughout the parade route.  We really appreciated Walt Atkinson for lending his truck and trailer again this year.

2018 Waiting

The trailer is ready and we are waiting for the parade to begin.

2018 Almost Ready

We are almost ready to start the parade.

2018 During the parade

During the parade the Commander, Ron and Lou walked beside the float and handed out yellow ribbon magnets to the onlookers

2018 During the parade1


2018 Memorial float

2018 Memorial float1

The Alamance County War Memorial Wall float was right behind us in the parade.

On 29 September Lee Drake donated and cooked breakfast for the Post to help raise money to support the Lounge and Kitchen.


Lee cooking breakfast



Post members enjoy their breakfast.


16 September

We held our building dedication to dedicate our new building.  25 Post, Auxiliary, SAL and spouses were in attendance as well as 3 members of the New Leaf Society (Rett Davis, Allen Gant, and Kelly May).

The following is the speech that was read by Commander Beckley for the dedication of our building.

The Alamance County War Memorial Wall float was right behind us.



Walter B. Ellis Post 63 Dedication

September 16, 2018

Post Commander: Members of Walter B. Ellis Post 63, Department of North Carolina, The American Legion, and friends. We are gathered today for a grateful and patriotic duty, to dedicate this building as a home for The American Legion, a perpetual memorial to our comrade who died in his country’s service during time of war. May we again dedicate will ask the blessing of God upon these ceremonies.

Chaplain: Almighty God, judge over people and nations, we stand before Thee today as loyal servants of our country, grateful for its splendid heritage. We ask Thy blessing upon our great republic. May America ever remain free and true to her best ideals. Bless  the President of the United States and all public servants, that they may walk in justice before Thee and all their acts may rebound to the greater welfare of our people. We pray Thy blessing upon our flag, the emblem of the republic. May it float forever over a free land. May our ancient watchword, “In God We Trust”, ever live, and may the faith of our fathers guide, protect and sustain our our organization and ourselves to the sacred ideals which are here represented, ever remembering that The American Legion’s principal service is for God and country. The chaplain peoples.

We ask Thy blessing upon The American Legion and its members. May we who served our country in war continue in times of peace, to serve and to shield America throughout all our days. May this building serve for the good of many; in service to the living may it be a memorial to the dead. May we be eager and steadfast in our devotion to justice, freedom, and democracy. May we be ever loyal to our country and to our God. May our service to the sick and disabled, to the community, the state and the nation merit and have Thy guidance and blessing.

Finally, we remember in love before Thee our departed comrades, who showed their loyalty in their lives and sealed it with their deaths. We pray especially for our comrades in hospitals and homes and wherever they may be, sick in mind and body. May their pain be eased and their burdens lifted, and may their heroic example be an everlasting inspiration. May Thy spirit rest upon this service. May it uplift us all to constant devotion to Thy teachings and to the welfare of our country. Amen.

Commander: In memory of those who have given their all to this country, who have made the supreme sacrifice and have answered the call of the “Great Commander of all Divisions,” we will stand in silence and with bowed heads.

30 seconds of silence then introduce Mr. Alan Gant. 5 minutes to speak then present the building to the Post.

Commander: In the name of Walter B. Ellis Post 63, Department of North Carolina, The American Legion, I dedicate this structure to the ideals of justice, freedom and democracy.


Allen Gant Making remarks during the dedication ceremony

Plaque Presentation

Presentation of the plaque to Commander Dave Beckley by the members of the New Leaf Society.  In the picture from left to right: Rett Davis, Allen Gant, Commander Dave Beckley, Kelly May.

Building Plaque

The plaque. Now placed in the Entrance Foyer Above our Trophy Case.


Before the ceremony we had a very nice picnic lunch in our social hall.


June and July the Post held another raffle.  This time the prizes are cash cards.  The drawing will be on August 1st.  We had lots of people selling tickets, several groups set up booths at various retailers to help sell the tickets

July 2018 raffle tickets4

Donnie, Karen and Lou are selling tickets outside of Lowes in Burlington.


July 11, the Post Bingo committee gave a check for $5,000 to “The Greensboro Battered Women’s Home”.


Commander Beckley presenting a check for $5,000 to Skye Sullivan of the Battered Women’s Home of Alamance County.